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Why Go Solar with Viking

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

When deciding between a DC operator and a solar powered operator, there may be a few variables which make solar a good choice for you. To help make the best decision here are 5 reasons people have decided to go solar and why it would be wise for you to say yes, too.

1. Environment

Who doesn’t like that good feeling of knowing you are doing your part for mother nature. Since it’s a clean source of energy, the pollution it creates is less than other energy sources. And of course it doesn’t produce harmful gasses into our beautiful earth.

2. Cost Effective

Not only are our solar powered operators either less than or at the same price as DC operators, but also helping you save in the long run. How? When using solar power operators it saves you money on the installation costs, since most of the time installers need to dig trenches to power lines for the operators. Plus, it’s also a sound investment given that its value will be added to your home’s property value.

3. Blackout

When there are blackouts for an unexpected period of time, you’d still have power since you rely on solar energy. As long as the sun is up there, even during cloudy days, you’re good. 

4. Easy Install & Reliable

We purposely made the operators very to install! All of our solar operators are tested to ensure that they can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions. 

5. Tax Credits / Grants

Who would’ve guessed, but the government wants you to be green. Depending on your state, they are providing tax credits or grants to help with the purchase of solar or any renewable energy for that matter. So if Uncle Sam wants you to use solar, it’s a good idea.


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