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Manufacturing Advanced Gate Operating Systems

As of April 1, 2019 Viking Access Systems is a part of FAAC International Inc, a US subsidiary of the FAAC Group.  FAAC is a leading international pioneer in the automated systems industry and in the control of pedestrian and vehicle accesses for residential and commercial applications. The Group’s activity is focused around three Business Units: Access Automation, Parking Technology and Access Control. FAAC was founded in 1965 and is today an international industrial Group with a direct presence in 24 countries throughout the world, 16 different manufacturing locations and over 2.500 employees. The Group Headquarter is based, ever since its foundation, in Zola Predosa, Bologna, Italy.

At Viking Access, we are continuously working hard to identify and design products that will appeal to the industry and it’s needs. As technology continues to advance, we have developed a completely efficient and intelligent line of gate operators to meet the changing demands. These machines offer; full UL325 and UL991 compliance, soft-start and soft-stop, intelligent obstruction sensors, continuous operation (100% duty cycle) and extreme power efficiency. Our operators offer innovative features such as; adaptive and self-learning algorithms, redundancy design in both hardware and software to ensure operation and functionality, protection from lightning, short circuit and power surges, and our exclusive helical gearing offering the highest efficiency rating in the industry. Our entire product line is continually modified, augmented and improved based on the latest technology and our customer’s valuable feedback. The results are products that offer accuracy, efficiency, reliability and performance, all in sleek, high-tech designs.  

We pledge to continue establishing ourselves as the leader in high quality, innovative gate operators by developing “Next Level” technology. We are committed to providing safety and convenience with innovative solutions for every security gate need.

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