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Buyer Beware!

Your Safety is Our Number One Concern

The purchase of Viking gate operators online is not recommended and could result in serious consequences. If you are considering the purchase of a Viking gate operator from an unauthorized online retailer, please consider the following:

• Purchasing from an unauthorized re-seller may and usually does void the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that if the machine is damaged or defective, it will be your responsibility to repair or replace it at your cost.

• Installation of Viking Gate Operators is not recommended by individuals who are not authorized / certified dealers. Installation expenses may be much higher if not purchased through an authorized dealer. Our dealers offer safe, warrantied installation on all of our products.

• Safety is our main concern. Injury or death could occur due to improper installation and setup of any gate operator. You will be completely liable if not purchased and installed by an authorized dealer.


The smart choice is always the safe choice. Please consider more than just the initial purchase price of the gate operator when making your decision. We are available to assist you in finding an authorized Viking dealer and installer in your area. 

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