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Viking Slide Gate Operators

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Viking Access Systems we manufacture four different slide gate operators. All of our operators have D/C motor that employ soft start/stop, are 100% duty cycle as well as digital limits.

The K2 operator is our residential model, it call pull a gate up to 30ft long and 700lbs  and comes with a 5 year residential warranty.

The L3 is designed for either residential or commercial use, has a 5 year warranty, and can pull a gate up to 60ft long and 1600lbs.

The H10, like the L3, is designed for residential or commercial use however it is geared more towards commercial use. It carries a 5 year warranty.

Last but not least we have the Q7 which is our heavy duty industrial operator, It can push a gate up to 120ft long and 7,000lbs and has a 5 year commercial warranty.

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