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The T-21™ Swing Gate Operator, has a 1/4" steel chassis with multi-layer corrosion protection.  This ensures reliable, long-lasting operation in the harshest of environments at your home or business. Built-in heater with thermostat control, 120/240 VAC operation, Viking’s true battery backup and smooth start / stop operation are all standard features in this operator. This powerful swing gate operator has gate capacity of up to 2000 lbs @ 12 ft. The removable power supply box includes LED indicators for your convenience and communicates to the V-Flex™ LCD screen, displaying the status of the AC line, surge protection and fuses of the operator. All Viking operators come with the most robust lightning strike protection built into every machine, offering peace of mind.  The T-21™ comes with a 5 year commercial or 7 year residential warranty.

V-Flex Control Board

Removable Power Supply

Multi-layer Corrosion Protection

LCD Diagnostic Display


For Remote 24VDC Power Supply

Convenient fuse access, L.E.D. status indicators, power switch, E-Z access power outlet & set-up 115V/230V.


13 - 16 Seconds per 90°

Based on the speed selected when installing, this will be the speed your operator pushes/pulls your gate.


2000 lbs/12’ or 1200 lbs/20’

This is the maximum amount of weight and length that the gate operator model can push/pull.


-20°F up to 160°F

The Viking gate operator will continue to function within this temperature range.


5 Yr Commercial / 7 Yr Residential

Please refer to Warranty Policy on our website for more information.


10,000 Amps / 20,000 Volts

Leading the industry with the best in-unit lightning and surge protection.

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